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About Bathale Media

About Us

Built by visionary business man Oscar Segane who has an extensive media background with more than a decade of being in the field specializing in both photography and corporate video production for both private and public organizations. To operate in this industry proactive and innovative thinking, coupled with professionalism is essential for a business to grow, this is evident through our brand from specializing video and photography to a much more in tune and dynamic focus i.e. Digital Media, providing a much more exciting platform for our concepts, video editing, media, and multimedia strategists a more fitting room to employ their expertise and brilliance.

Why Choose Bathale Media?

Our unconventional approach of doing business; this approach offers our brand and its products and services a platform not only to deliver quality, but also offers an opportunity to stand out from the rest. From our strategic team coming up with unique and exciting concepts, to our digital team that ensure our digital and multimedia components best fit our clients brand essence, makes us love what we do even more.

Our brilliance comes from the perspective we view other companies that we occupy the Digital and Multimedia space with; we are always working on how to improve, better and tailor make our products and services beyond our client's expectations.

We don't just aim deliver quality work but aim to enhance our clients' vision and mission through our work. Our products and services resonate with our client's business philosophy.

Once a company becomes our client, our team embodies its vision and delivers work that will set our client apart from its competitors.