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IPP Son of the SUN

Video Description



• Bathale was tasked to design the company's presentation, promotional materials and to produce a clips and videos showcasing the importance of reusable and renewable energy. From windmills to solar energy.

Client's objectives

• Educate the masses on how to save and use energy.



• The experience that the Bathale team has through working with big and small companies makes it easier for us to understand each company's tone and approach. Each client has unique offerings and we make it our mission that our products and services to the sell them for what they really stand for, and what they can deliver.

Our Other Works

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SITA to the Nation

SITA State Information Technology

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NECSA 50th Anniversary

The South African Nuclear Energy Corporation, better known as Necsa

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DENEL Academy Awards

DENEL Outstanding Achievement Award

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DENEL Aerostructures

DENEL Aerostructures