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SITA State Information Technology

Video Description


• Bathale was tasked to build a video showcasing the company’s efforts in going green. The video was an instrumental element is the SITA’s campaign about the company’s efforts in going green.

Client's objectives

• Motivate people to go green by implementing what SITA was showcasing.
• Educating people on how they can go about applying this initiative to their daily lives.



• Working on this project was quite exciting, as the going green initiative is every company's responsibility, it is a worldwide cause. Our team was had this in mind every step of the way, from producing the video and delivery.

• The excitement that our team shows at each every photo and video shoot makes it easier for Bathale Media to capture emotions, brand essence, and most importantly reflect our clients mission and vision. We create videos that even though without narration, they will still leave an impact of what our client is about, and where they are going clearly.

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